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Grewal Whole Wheat

Wheat, in its natural unrefined condition, features a host of vital nutrients. To obtain benefit from the wholesomeness of wheat it is essential to choose wheat products made from whole wheat flour rather than those that are refined and stripped of their natural goodness.

Grewal Cracked Wheat (Dalia)

Cracked wheat are grains which have been into small pieces, cracked wheat is high in fibre and nutrient rich. Cracked wheat includes the germ of the wheat kernel and can be used to make many types of wheat bread. Cracked wheat is also known for its fluffy and flavoursome properties.

Grewal Whole Barley

Barley is an amazingly versatile cereal grain which comprises a rich nutlike flavour and an appealing chewy and soft consistency. Barley resembles grains which are similar to wheat grains. Barley’s nutritional content includes a good source of fibre and selenium, and a good source of phosphorus, copper and manganese.

Grewal Whole Rye

Rye is a cereal grain that looks like wheat but is longer and more slender and varies in colour from yellowish brown to a gray green. Foods made from whole rye are worth looking for, not only for their rich, hearty taste, but for the abundant health benefits they supply.

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