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Grewal Pulses
Grewal Whole Red Lentil Grewal Split Red Lentil
Grewal Desi Chickpea Grewal Split Desi Chickpea (Chana Dal)
Grewal Kabuli Chickpea Grewal Whole Yellow Peas
Grewal Split Yellow Peas Grewal Soya Bean
Grewal Whole Red Lentil

At Golden Grain Flour Mills, we package red lentils without removing the shells of the lentils. Red lentils are usually marketed as a whole seed; however, 90-95% of red lentils are dehulled before being consumed. Red Lentils are the seed of a small shrub and are dried after harvesting.

Grewal Split Red Lentil

The split red lentil is produced at Golden Grain flour Mills by removing the shell of the lentil, and then the lentil is dehulled. Following this the red lentil is split. Red Lentils can be used as a meat substitute due to their high content of protein.

Grewal Desi Chickpea

At Golden Grain Flour Mills, Desi Chickpeas are known to have higher fibre content and be gluten free. Desi Chickpeas also have a very low glycemic index (GI); this makes it appropriate for individuals with blood sugar problems.

Grewal Split Desi Chickpea (Chana Dal)

At Golden Grain Flour Mills, Desi Chickpeas are used to make Chana Dal, the Desi Chickpeas are split in half and the skin is removed. Split Desi Chickpeas are also high in protein, as well as being gluten free.

Grewal Kabuli Chickpea

The Kabuli Chickpeas at Golden Grain Flour Mills have a firm texture and nutty flavour which makes it very versatile. Kabuli Chickpeas are high in fat content and are good source of calcium, protein, iron and the B vitamins. Ground Kabuli Chickpea flour can be used to make fritters, dumplings and spicy breads.

Grewal Whole Yellow Peas

Whole Yellow Peas are part of the legume family; they have a history going back some 10,000 years. Whole Yellow Peas are most commonly used in their split form. Yellow Split peas provide the body with many health benefits such as providing iron to the body; iron is needed to transport oxygen in the body. When used in soups, Whole Yellow Peas thicken and add a soft texture.  

Grewal Split Yellow Peas

Split Peas are husked Whole Yellow Peas and then split in half. Split Peas have a mild flavour and soft texture. The Split Pea has more of an earthy flavour than the whole dried pea. Yellow Split Peas are full of fibre, protein and complex carbohydrates. Yellow Split peas provide the body with many health benefits such as providing iron and transporting oxygen throughout the body.

Grewal Soya Bean

Whole soya beans are an excellent source of protein; it is one of only two known plant foods to contain all the essential amino acids, similar to those found in meat. Eating soya beans can assist reduce coronary heart disease and lowered risk of osteoporosis. 

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